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An affordable collection of Villas strung along the Corfu island, Greece.

Do you have the desire for privacy, peace and a pool of your own? Villas at Corfu city, chosen by our experts will blow your mind. Do you need of a villa on or near the beach at Corfu island, or a cottage house to enjoy and live an amazing experience at Corfu, check and book our affordable villas, apartments, and studios and enjoy our unique concierge VIP private services at Corfu island

An affordable collection of Villas strung along the Corfu island, Greece.


Tailor-made holidays in Corfu island Greece

Our properties villas, houses, and studios sleep from 2 to large properties sleeping groups 20 persons and more and extra features include cooking with a private chef, wine testing, privacy, security, helicopter transportation, châteaux and cottages in chic corners of Corfu island, or privacy (incognito transportation). With a variety and a lack of travel arrangements, family-friendly and beachside properties, with private pools, designer flair, and interesting extras. experts will personalize your holidays experience at Corfu.

Discover Greece Travel to Greece Greece is considered to be the birthplace of western civilization, a country where even now mythology has traces of influence, and Mount Olympus is still the throne of Zeus.

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We emphasize on special occasion villas as well as romantic, foodie and family villas and cottages, weddings and more.

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