Complete Luxury Travel Package

The Project offers a complete Luxury Travel Package

Get your own Lifestyle Manager and travel to Corfu like a king. Our concierge services for Corfu island will assisting with various travel arrangements and tours of local attractions. Our services will be responsible for maintaining your program. We performing various tasks and operations such as making restaurant reservations, bookings, arranging for spa services, personal trainers and chefs, recommending nightlife hotspots, booking transportation (limousines, airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc.), coordinating porter service (luggage assistance request), procuring tickets to special events.

concierge-services-corfu-island-greece-luxury VIP club providing bespoke luxury services and unique experiences at Corfu

Villas In Corfu, concierge services for Corfu island, Greece.

Only with clients with high demands. Our services for our exceptional travelers require exceptional service and that’s why we provide full on demand Security, flexibility, trust for our VIP customers who want to visit Corfu island, at Greece.

Yacht concierge services.

We are offering shoreside support to superyachts as they travel the world and stop to Corfu. Yacht booking services Corfu island.

Our main services of a superyacht concierge at Corfu include:

  • Arranging exciting excursions and local tourism experiences
  • Securing exclusive tickets to unmissable events
  • Arranging unique on-board entertainment.
  • Undertaking event management for five-star parties and occasions
  • Sourcing weird and obscure foods from across the world.
  • Securing luxury villa rentals, any reservations and accommodations at short notice.
  • Last-minute laundry demands.
  • General guest care and wellbeing.
  • Yacht berthing, customs and immigration.
  • Floristry.
  • Laundry.
  • Health and beauty services.
  • E-mail, Internet, telephone and communications
  • Postal services
  • Rentals – cars, boats, bicycles, watersports equipment and other useful operations.

Best Concierge Services in Corfu, Greece

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