Properties To Rent Corfu island 2020

Best properties & Villas to rent in Corfu island, Greece.

Find the best villas and apartments to rent in Corfu island, apartments to rent, in the center of Corfu town, or near the beach/. Your ideal home to rent on the beautiful island of Corfu for your summer holidays

Find homes for rent in Corfu through

Corfu Property, short-term rental, houses, villas, and apartments, flats, condos, and studios, waiting for you with amazing price for rent in your next holidays in Corfu island, Greece.

Rent Villas with Private Beach, Private Villas Beachfront with pool, in our portfolio you can rent the most stunning Villas in Corfu island, Greece. Best Villas and apartments to rent Corfu island, Greece

CorfuVillas Inc® revolutionized the way people interact online when searching to rent an apartment at Corfu island, Greece, or find the perfect villas Corfu. We created CorfuVillas Inc with travelers in mind, try to help you every time that you coming at Greece, and in our beautiful island at Corfu, find the best property to rent for you and your family. When you contact our team, to find a villa at Corfu we will contact directly with the owner of the villa or the apartment, and we will make sure that you’re going to achieve the best price online.

No Mediators for Villas and Apartments at Corfu island.

CorfuVillas Inc excludes any mediators who are trying to achieve the highest price for they’re own profit. When you speak directly with the villa (or an apartment) owner, it is always better, from many aspects.

  • First, you need to know, that owners of the house that you are trying to rent they pay usually high monthly or yearly fees to the government, to maintain their properties and trying to be legal. At the same time, apartment and villa owners, paying huge taxes to Rental Platforms who have the power to find you online using advertising techniques, which some times are tricky and against your Privacy Data Protection. Well, from one side, if you think of that, it’s not bad, ok? But at the same time, there is a big party behind the scenes that leads to very high renting prices, black money, which is not good for everyone. In the end, you, and the property owner, are the ones that will finally pay all taxes and high rates, while big corporates will make party earning. Again you can think, ok, this is happening everywhere so? The answer is, what about our local financial market and community? What about your pocket and spending money wisely? What about the property owners, who at the end, when the season ends they don’t see any profit!? We need to think about a solution which will need to be profitable for everyone, even for the big corporations, which in the end, will be again profitable, but they will drop the prices so everyone will be happy.
  • That’s why CorfuVilla Inc ( created. We are here to help travelers, and property owners, at the local level, to win the trust and make things easy and profitable for everyone.
  • We support our local community, we advertise villas, apartments, and activities at Corfu island, which are profitable for travelers and property owners. We are helping the local community, to keep more money in their pocket at the end of every touristic season, while we support the traveler to find quality houses and at the same time don’t spend huge amount of money that ends up in the pocket of people who are tricky trick you, and the property  owners

Supporting the Local Corfu Community

We have one purpose, to support our local community, economy and our culture. One way to do that is by what we wrote above. We are trying every day to think of other ways to do that, and we are open to discuss with everyone. at the moment working with no income and at the moment we keep this project alive only with donations. You are always welcome to speak with us and know us better. Just drop us an email at: [email protected]

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Best properties & Villas to rent in Corfu island, Greece.
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